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I listen to the podcast because they are shorter and I can listen while on the move. “The Total Money Makeover” has a positive mindset that reminded me a bit of the Ant and the Grasshopper fable. Basically, it’s about avoiding flashy expenses and tackling your future problems today. As you successfully erase debt, it will inspire you to tackle the bigger ones. This is a very useful book, in the sense that it gets you all motivated to fix your finances, and the practical steps you can take to achieve your goals in small steps.

His name might not be new to you and you may have started to really pay attention to your finances already and are making much better decisions. But you are still on a quest for information to add to your arsenal so anytime someone mentions something PF/Investing related, your ears prick up. You might finally think that he is worth checking out because his name keeps coming up!

  • This book explains in-depth Dave Ramsey’s plan for getting out of debt quickly and how to excel in life once you’re debt-free.
  • The book’s impact extends beyond mere knowledge – it fosters financial literacy and empowered investing.
  • Personal finance is personal and this is what works best for us.
  • First up on my reading list was Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover.
  • If you do not (or cannot) accept this or think your situation is the result of someone else, you likely won’t gain much from this book.

Spending with credit cards reduces the brain’s ability to feel pain. Ramsey suggests investing 15% of your household income into tax-advantaged accounts. Starting with the highest interest rate could save more money in the long run, but psychologically, this method was the best for me, and we had low-interest rates. This system also allowed me to pay off my debt faster because I put more money into the smaller debts first. A budget forces you to be mindful of your spending and helps you make better financial decisions. The first step to getting your finances in order is to create a budget.

These hard times were the best lessons Dave Ramsey could ever go through that ended up shaping the foundation of The Total Money Makeover. So, in summary, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey illustrates solid financial principles that he learned over the years and which are proven to work. As such, I cannot personally recommend any of them at this time.

Receive quarterly financial planning news delivered to your inbox. Consider a debt relief program if you can’t afford to pay more than the minimum payment on at least one of your debts. Using a 401(k) is one way to invest before-tax gross income.

Ramit Sethi Conscious Spending Plan: A Path to Financial Freedom

This first 1k is for emergencies only and you cannot touch it. And to put yourself on course to real financial security. This denial is partly perpetuated by the Western culture that having debts is healthy and completely normal. Dave breaks the myth down with his reasons of going debt-less, and shows how debts can quickly pile up to unmanageable levels using various examples. If anything, the book certainly gives a compelling reason for you to get out of debts as soon as possible.

  • If you happen to have more than that in savings (not including retirement accounts), it recommends that you use everything except $1,000 to pay towards your debt snowball.
  • It’s an engaging book with lots of real-world examples and stories from real people who have actually gone through Dave Ramsey’s total money makeover steps and seen results.
  • ” Like with the three little pigs, make sure your house is the one that holds up.

Dave’s answer to that is no by the way, in case you’re wondering. But I have to be honest that I’ve heard enough of what he has to say now that is good guidance and advice that I can overlook the other aspects of his character that don’t sit as well with me. He created a simple plan which he called The 7 Baby Steps to help others change the behaviours that were keeping them poor and to help them get out of debt and stay out of debt, forever.

So please keep in mind that this review is coming from someone who has listened to Dave Ramsey for a while. Also, when you get to Baby Step Six we have a bigger mountain to climb here in NZ, our house prices and the attached mortgage are just so much higher these days. If you listen to his podcast people are in a race to pay off a home which is worth $150,000.

The Total Money Makeover Book Review

In “The Total Money Makeover,” Dave Ramsey doesn’t just promote this idea; he makes it an achievable reality. This section explores the transformative power of debt-free living. Paquin’s company, Golden Financial Services, helps consumers get out of debt. “Income paying stocks” is just another way to say “stocks that pay dividends.” Verizon is a good example of a dividend-paying stock. In fact, I recently did a blog post about how to earn $50,000 per year off dividend-paying stocks.

Book Review – Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Start saving money in a Roth IRA or in some other kind of retirement savings plan. One of Ramsey’s solutions for retirement savings is to total money makeover review invest 15% of your monthly income on a retirement fund. The debt snowball means you start paying off your debts from smallest to largest.

Sep 1 A cunning plan to help pay for a child’s education…

Of course, you can join the baby steps at any point in your journey. If you’re fortunate enough to not have any debt, Dave explains what you should be doing with your money every step of the way as you work on becoming an everyday millionaire. He’s also a firm believer that anyone can be a millionaire. This method has worked for millions of people across America, so knowing that you have to say that yeah, his method works. If you have credit card debts, student debts, personal loan debts, Dave says you must pay them off.

Step 7: Build Wealth

Credit card companies are very good at getting us to spend more money than we have. When we make a purchase using cash, it feels much different than when we use a credit card. That’s because we physically see the money leaving our hands. Next, I made the minimum payments on all my debts except the one with the smallest balance. I paid as much as I could afford each month on that debt. Once you have a handle on your spending, you can start to make changes that will help you save money.

My wife and I discovered Dave Ramsey when were in Baby Steps 4, 5, and 6. I am an active member of THE Ramsey Baby Steps Community and Hogan’s Everyday Millionaires on FaceBook (both of which I highly encourage you to join if you are interested in this book). I think that Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover gives solid financial advice.

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