An event of the investors in the Yarmouth and you will Haddiscoe Railway had been kept on Celebrity Hotel

An event of the investors in the Yarmouth and you will Haddiscoe Railway had been kept on Celebrity Hotel

R. Hammond, Esq., presided, so there had been introduce-C. C. Aldred, Esq., (the fresh new H. Palmer, Elizabeth. H. L. Preston, W. C. Reynolds, E. P. Youell, Grams. G. Big date, H. Danby-Palmer, and you can William Go out, Esqs.

March 11th.-N. Palmer, Esq., (Recorder), got appointed John B. Bales (late Sergeant-at-Mace) an Inspector of Loads and you may Strategies regarding the room out-of Mr. Wall structure.

p. 209 March 14th.-The fresh Liberal electors got held a conference during the Corn Exchange, J. Shelly, Esq., about chair, whenever each other candidates lead addresses, and an answer pledging the newest appointment to help with all of them was unanimously transmitted.

Mr. Cufaude got taken out 17 even more summonses facing Church Rate defaulters, and you may Mr. Garson Blake got summoned to own an appreciation default of the Gorleston Churchwardens.

March 16th.-Mr. J. W. Shelly got presided more an event on ‘Superstar,’ when Messrs. McCullagh and Watkin was then followed as the Liberal individuals.

There is an advice regarding a city gentleman’s label given that a good candidate, that the latest Publisher relates to from the estimate-“and you can palm to help you palm is actually holy Palmer’s kiss.”

February eighteenth.-The brand new Liberal electors and you can non-electors was managed from the the Liberal individuals at Duke’s Direct social-house during the Gorleston. S. Dowson, Esq., presided, so there was expose-Messrs. J. H. Fellows, N. Sterry, An effective. Markland, Captains Manthorpe, Stanford, and Tunbridge, and you will Messrs. J. Web page, An excellent. Queen, J. Ling, G. Reynolds, C. Age. Bartram, and you will J.

The fresh new four people, Messrs. McCullagh and you can Watkin and you may Sir Age. H. K. Lacon and you may Colonel Vereker, ended up being greeting to visit a meeting away from electors on Masonic-hall. None of them was basically expose, but, nonetheless, an answer pledging brand new conference to support this new Liberal candidates try sent.

March 21st.-D. An effective. Gourlay, Esq., got presided at the an excellent Liberal conference held in the Corn Exchange, when Messrs. J. W. Shelly, P. Pullyn, S. Dowson, F. S. Costerton, W. Briggs, C. Sayers, S. Palmer, C. E. Bartram, J. D. Chapman, J. Bailey, F. Dendy, J. Cobb while others was indeed present.

The latest Conservatives got and convened a conference on Crowe’s Assembly-room, Chapel-denes, whenever Elizabeth. H. L. Preston, Esq., presided. Sir E. H. K. Lacon, Colonel Vereker, and you will J. Cherry, Esq., managed the fresh new assembly.

Sir Age. Letter. Buxton, Bart., and Major-General C. A beneficial. Windham, the Liberal people having Eastern Norfolk, had stored a conference about Corn-hallway. p. 210 Mr. R. Hammond presided, and you may try supported by Messrs. Benjamin Dowson, J. Clowes, C. H. Chamberlin, P. Pullyn, Good. W. Biddulph, S. Palmer, T. Burton Steward, F. Palmer, W. Letter. Burroughs, C. E. Bartram, Elizabeth. Roentgen. Palmer, J. H. Harrison, J. Owles, J.

Cobb, &c

The outcome up against Mr. Garson Blake got read concerning low-percentage away from Chapel Speed plus the usual buy made.

Mr. S. Oceans Spelman got submitted to personal battle certain tenure locations, of the late Mrs. Ann Marsh, and therefore realized ?8,672.

J. Shelly, Esq., got presided at the a different Liberal fulfilling kept regarding Corn Hallway, and you will Mr. J. Royal in the a meeting from non-electors in the same notice held from the Masonic Hall.


The latest Chapel Speed concern got once more been up until the Justices, when Mr. Chamberlin checked on defaulters, who were Henry Boulter (baker), 4s. 6d.; Joseph Neave (twine-spinner), 1s. 9?d.; George Goodrich (shoemaker), 3s. 6d.; Henry Blyth (shoemaker), 4s.; George Clowes (ironmonger), 5s.; William Curtis (cork-cutter), 5s. 1d.; James Rivett (baker), 4s.; Frederick Starling (shoemaker), 1s. 10?d.; Angelina Cox and W. P. Brownish (brokers), 4s. 2?d.; John Clowes (grocer), 4s.; William Livingston (draper), 3s.; Robert Browne (gentleman), 2s.; George Danby-Palmer (Esquire), 8s. 6?d.; and George Danby-Palmer and you may Fish Palmer (Esquires), 3s. 6d.

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